The renowned toy maker is looking to create a big splash in the Chines market with a new niche on putting education and toys on the same mix. The Danish toy production company is looking to integrate learning with playtime; the company is looking to cement their position in the Chinese market as a toy and an educational material.

Lego has also been recently reported to have won its massive intellectual-property fight; this is a big win for the consumer-goods companies and may result in a resembling case that may help future similar legal situations.  The legal victory is also a massive shocker as China has seemingly worked their way to punishing some its domestic copyright violators.


Lego’s Educational Journey

The building blocks dashed in whimsical colors are now being re-introduced in the Chinese market as something more powerful than an average toy. According to reports, Lego has been currently teaming up with local educational departments, state schools, and other private education providers to bring a more comprehensive learning method through the use of Legos.

Lego is looking to boost and accelerate local learning systems, especially motor skill related learning, through interactive learning strategies and exercises with their product. The company also introduces the additional creativity and attention spans.

The immense move and advertisements from play time to learning has also been stemming from local discipline focus and learning-centric nature. Lego also looks to capitalize on the massive market figures in China as the company’s sales from the United States and in Europe continues to tally staggering losses and disappointing figures.

Lego, Parents Partnership

Lego is also looking to cooperate with local parents as they promote a strong boost on their children’s competitive edge as a much younger age. The company promotes Lego classes on the weekend which teaches specific skills to children why having a fun time doing so.


Lego’s IP Win

The Danish toy maker also took the headlines recently as they announced a massive victory in China; the company managed to win over against rival toy-brick manufacturer Bela. The win is significant for the company and the whole consumer sector as China finally takes down one of their local companies and favors a foreign one.

The country has been known for knockoffs and bootleg trade; as a matter of fact, the country has been dubbed as the integral hub of the global counterfeit by the Europol and European Union Intellectual Property Office. The latest move from the company signifies that they are looking to curb out this kind of aliases tag on their homeland.

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