Mazda is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world, investing time and money for the latest developments in the automobile industry. Yet, the company does not forget the old gasoline engine.

On an event Tuesday, Mazda revealed its plan to create the world’s first commercial gasoline engine that will rely on compression ignition. This means future engines can be likened to diesel engines which use compression to mix fuel and air.

The new engine is called SkyActiv-X. It is projected to be far better than present car engines and Mazda’s own SkyActiv-G technology when it comes to fuel efficiency.

“We think it is an imperative and fundamental job for us to pursue the ideal internal combustion engine,” Mazda research and development head Kiyoshi Fujiwara stated. Fujiwara added that this project should be prioritized first than electrification.


Mazda Unveils Future Plans

Mazda will continue working on other projects even if it has a goal to produce the first compression ignition gas engine.  The company also made this clear Tuesday.

 One of Mazda’s missions is for all their units to have autonomous-driving technology by 2025. Along with this, the company aims to start marketing electric cars in 2019.

To accomplish these, Mazda recently established a partnership with fellow Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota. The agreement will see Toyota take a 5 percent share of Mazda, while Mazda is getting a 0.25 share of Toyota.

A part of the deal is a plan to build a $1.6 billion plant in the United States that is going to give 4,000 jobs. It will be for the manufacturing of electric vehicles.


Analysts Criticize Toyota-Mazda Relationship

The pact between Mazda and Toyota may turn out to be an excellent industrial move for the parties involved. However, some analysts are convinced that it was motivated by politics.

Earlier in 2017, US President Donald Trump attacked Toyota through a tweet. Trump was displeased upon learning that the company has plans to expand in Mexico.

Even if there are negative reactions regarding the partnership, it appears Mazda is satisfied with it. This was expressed by Mazda Executive Vice President Akira Marumoto in a recent statement. “We will study the possibility of expanding the capital alliance, but the basic premise is that autonomy is assured,” Marumoto said.

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