Shares of both Walt Disney and Britain’s Sky soared higher in premarket trades, as both were boosted by the 21st Century Fox’s continuation of the talks about its plans to market its businesses to Walt Disney.

According to reports, Rupert Murdoch Fox in which also holds a 39% stake in Europe’s biggest  pay-TV operator, Sky Plc has revived its negotiations with Walt Disney towards its plans to market both of its its international businesses in addition to its movie studios and U.S. cable stations.


In reaction the news, Disney’s shares surged at about 0.71%. More recently, the stock managed to have another increase of 0.41% which ended at 105.25. It had its Relative Strength Index nearing the 70’s region which indicates that the stock may perhaps be close to being labeled as overbought. Its Coppock curve performed at 3.69 recently.

FSMNewsAs displayed above, shares of Sky PLC soared to 956.00 which is a massive 2.46% overall. Its Relative Strength Index jumped to 62.95 which also nearing the 70’s region. Had it traded a bit more, it would’ve been oversold. The Coppock curve of the stock managed to maintain trades at the positive region. Specifically, it is at 4.87


In another media stock, the shares of the Twenty First Century Fox jumped as well as it continued to indicated another bullish candle in its current trend which had a 3.11% increase to finish at  33.19. The Relative Strength Index also remained its performance above the 70’s region which would make Fox an overbought stock at the moment. It is currently at 76.91 as its Coppock curve maintained a performance high at the 25.48 region.

With all of these good performances, a strong buy would be advised for all of the mentioned media stocks.  "Under UK Takeover Panel rules, Fox cannot withdraw its bid unless it fails to gain regulatory approval, or there is a mutual agreement with Sky," Analyst Polo Tang stated in a client note. "Should Disney acquire Fox's 39% stake in Sky, this will trigger a mandatory offer and it is likely it will have to be on the same terms as the Fox offer."

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