The multi-billion tech company Microsoft announces that it is going to acquire an Israel-based company Hexadite. Microsoft is looking keen on making its cybersecurity a bigger priority among others; Hexadite majors on apprehending cyber-attacks before they could even happen.

Hexadite was founded last 2014 with headquarters in Boston while its research and development center still based in Israel. The cyber protection company manages to raise a tallied $8 million through a series of fundraising from Hewlett Packard Ventures. Now, huge tech company Microsoft purchases them for $100 million in hopes to tighten their cyber security; Microsoft denies giving any comments regarding the acquisition.


Past Acquisitions

Microsoft is outgoing on maintaining its cloud-focused cyber security department; it was way back in 2014 of November when it bought Israeli-based Company Adallom for $320 million, then on 2015, the company acquired Israel-based cyber security firm Secure Islands for $200 million.

The most recent acquisition it made just before the Hexadite acquisition was from January of this year; the company manages to take hold on another Israel-based cyber security firm Team8; this is a startup studio founded by top veterans of 8200, which is an equivalent to the National Security Agency. Just last month, the tech giant has been reportedly looking to bid $60 million on another Israel–based startup company Cloudyn.


Microsoft’s $1 billion Investment

The ever-growing Microsoft Company has announced on the earlier parts of the year that it will be spending $1 billion annually on the improvement and embellishment of its cyber security branch. The growing threat of 20,000 to 70,000 a week cyber-attacks was tallied over the past 3 years. The investment will include vigorous research and development especially on the growing cyber dependency in the market, according to Microsoft’s vice president of security Bharat Shah, "as more and more people use the cloud, that spending has to go up."

China’s Special Windows Version

Microsoft has recently revealed that they have given the Chinese government an exclusive version of Windows 10 for their agencies to use. This action is based on the new cybersecurity bill China has been cooking; the bill includes requiring foreign technology companies to share with government inspectors the underlying code if their products. The Chinese government is strictly implying that it is a must to share the software code, which is by the way proprietary; this is to ensure that there will be no possible loopholes when hackers attack.

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