On the recent gaming conference of Electronic Entertainment Expo, Microsoft Corp. announces its upcoming Xbox console that will be released for sale on this year’s Nov. 7 pricing at $499 each – a hundred dollar pricier than its rival of Sony’s PlayStation 4.

As stated by Xbox Chief Phil Spencer in E3, This historical machine will be Microsoft’s smallest one out of all the consoles it released. Small in size but the power it can hold is massive. Xbox One X is built with speed and graphical fidelity than the earlier Xbox consoles.

To add, Microsoft also emphasized a number of video games that will be exclusive to Xbox One console. These games will be playable through Xbox One, Xbox One X and Windows 10. However, no announcement was made if the new console will get exclusive games.

According to Microsoft, the Xbox One X will be able to run several games including ones that are originally released for Xbox One and Xbox 360. More so, if these games are played under the console, it will present better visuals and gameplays.

Nintendo Crossover

As part of the Xbox One X announcement, Microsoft also announced updates for the video game franchise of Minecraft.

Minecraft  Games will now be able to link gamers from one console to another, which would mean that that the game can now link to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Project Scorpio, iPhone, Android, virtual reality (VR), Windows 10, and Windows 10 Mobile varieties of the  said videogame.

Minecraft Realms is Microsoft's subscription provision that lets participants to generate a steadfast Minecraft biosphere that is shareable.

Unfortunately for Sony users, the game won’t be shareable through its consoles.  However, Microsoft is interested to see the game in the Sony consoles but it is still unknown whether Sony would consider it or not.

The Minecraft series contributes a lot of shares in Microsoft's video game roster, starting the groundbreaking cross-platform game play which is a first in the gaming history.

Trading Performance


Microsoft traded bullishly in its recent trading sessions. The stock added 1.25% to 0.87 which closed at 70.65 with a high of 70.80.

As for its indicators, the RSI Level of Microsoft climbed a bit higher to 55.70 after plunging in its recent sessions. Meanwhile, its Coppock curve inched down the positive range to 7.52 – a recommended buy for the company.

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