With the heightened adverse point of views and valuations, Netflix Inc. struggled to expand globally as Britain has recently taken the exit from the European Union. As the global financial markets have seen declines and investors have searched for safe havens, Netflix also took a beating despite being one of the robust growing Internet names.           

Meanwhile, investors pointed toward Netflix’s weighty valuations, that are “priced for perfection.” However, as Britain took an exit, the event can unfavorably impact the expansion ambition overseas of Netflix.

Netflix, Inc is currently at risk as a large part of its capital expenditure and objectives relies on its stake on the offshore markets. Moreover, if either currency translations or demand deceleration continued to slow down the online streaming giant’s growth, another set of major sell-off is expected in the near future.

The company’s stock declined by about 3.9% and settled at $85 per share, and lost 5.5% after Brexit.


Netflix is currently changing hands at 82x the investment firm’s forecast of 2016E EBITDA, according to Nomura. However, as forecasts for profits has seen losses, fueled by sluggish demand in Europe or currency headwinds, there might be a “heightened negative impact on Netflix’s valuation.”

Subsequently, the company stated that the stock could decline as much as 15% in a day if its projections and forecasts will be under delivered.

Change of Rules in Post-Brexit?

Apparently, it is likely that there would have a change of rules in the United Kingdom in the post Brexit tenure, including the regulations that is anticipated to change in the EU, suggesting to cause major concerns.


It is mainly because the UK has previously proposed lighter regulations with the EU in terms of technology regulations, specifically from enterprises abroad. As Britain took the exit, it's expected that the EU could get stricter with the international tech firms that could intervene smooth operation flow in Europe.  

RBC Capital reconsiders Netflix in the post Brexit case and its outlook on the stock remained massively unchanged. An analyst at RBC Capital Mark Mahaney reaffirmed his Outperform rating with a price objective of $140, suggesting that the event should not affect the firm substantially.

The investment company mentioned its detailed survey work from the prior quarter, citing researches upon subscribers in countries of US, Germany and France. Meanwhile, the management of the Netflix Mr. Mahaney confidently said from its two earlier meetings that the fundamental growth story of the company is pretty much intact.

The company stated that it still provides a “highly attractive global customer value proposition, a highly experienced and innovative management team, material profitability potential, and an increasingly strong competitive position.”