On Thursday,  Apple Inc uncovered a new vision for its extremely successful retail stores, targeting to offer shoppers the experience of stepping on in the head office of the company accredited with creating the smartphone.

Speaking at a media occasion in San Francisco on Thursday, Apple executives presented a sneak peak of a new store design which features elements that will later be offered to more locations globally, together with new spaces for socialization and partnership.

The makeover follows Apples first-ever slump in iPhone sales and its first income decline in thirteen years in a progressively flooded market.

Although the remodel contains plenty of glass, blonde wood and metal, the smooth materials customers have come to connect with the company, it also uses features from Apples passionately expected new head office in Silicon Valley, that is scheduled  to open the coming year.


Apples senior director of design for real estate and development, BJ Siegel, stated in an interview, “Like the new campus, the San Francisco store features terrazzo floors, and the ceiling fixtures are also similar.”

"Were trying to be one company and have one point of view," he added.

Consumers who enter the "boardroom" at the San Francisco store, a new spot for entrepreneurs and small business holders, will get an impression of the appearance of Apple’s innovative headquarters, which is compared to a spaceship for its circular design. Most of the furniture is the same to that Apple staffs will find in the new campus, as well as tables designed partly by Jonathan Ive, Apple’s chief design officer, according to the reports.

Siegel stated, "we want them to feel like they have left the retail environment and entered Apple," when they are working with small business consumers.

In many in the retail world, the Apple Store is their jealousy, with the top sales per square foot in the business, however,  other say the stores have lost their advantage ever since the first one launched 15 years ago.

With the latest project, industry observers are getting an indication of how Apple retail leader Angela Ahrendts, who joined the firm two years ago from Burberry, will put her brand on the store.

Further elements of the new floor proposal consist of a remodeled section for decorations, an open spot named the "forum" for community occasions and a leafy plaza that will be open to the public nonstop.

Ahrendts stated, "We will know we have done really great if it feels like a town square."

On additional News

Apple Genius Bar is being  replaced  by  a tree-filled Genius Grove, that  will have additional room to sit and additional Apple customer service experts to troubleshoot devices.

The 15th anniversary of the first Apple retail store will be on Thursday,  the technology firm uncovered what it called its biggest product:  a latest design for its sales outlets.


Showrooms for the Apple lifestyle are Apple’s 477 physical stores, not just places to buy the current iPhones, iPads, Macs and accessories. As the firm tries to reverse a current fall in sales, tempting beginners to the Apple brand and encouraging  current customers to purchase additional Apple products and services have become more significant than ever.