The majority of the Asian Stocks are on a bullish run after the US Federal Reserve’s meeting boosted the market after several hints of the dovish outlook for the increase in the country’s interest rates. Other than that, Nintendo took the leading position after its abundance on its quarter performance; indices such as Nikkie found strength on the tech stock.


Asian Stocks Inches Higher on Nintendo’s Tailwind

A basket of Asian stocks was steered towards the green as Nintendo manages to scoop some outstanding and tremendous quarter performance; the tech stock manages to pull a massive flat 7% increase after the quarter results. The bullish performance was rooted on the popularity of its new gaming console, the Switch; revenues were at record high levels, they were reaching the 150% increase in the company’s revenue.

Switch’s massive performance shattered a lot of forecasts and expectations, a tallied 1.97 million of products sold for the duration of the quarter; these also projected forecasts of 10 million Switches to be sold after the financial year. Other games such as the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild helped with the bolstering quarter performance.

Quarter Figures

The quarter garnered a total of 154.07 billion yen or whopping $1.37 billion revenue; this is miles and miles away from the projected 136.53 billion yen. Operation profits were also sky rocketing at 16.21 billion yen versus most forecasts and estimates of around 9.52 billion yen.

According to the Japan-based video game consultancy firm Katan Games, Serkan Toto, "I think this basically is a testament to how well the Switch is doing. The demand for the Switch is real. It's not sold out only because Nintendo can't produce enough units, but because the demand for the device is making it scarce,"


Majority of Asian Stocks Up

The Nikkie Stock Average was up by a total of 0.4 % despite the developing yen and failing bond yields. Taiwan’s Taiex manages to increase by a total of 0.8%; its gains are also propelled by the amazing tech stock, AU Optronics manages to snatch the lead with an outstanding increase of 1.6%. The South Korean stock, Kospi, was also massively influenced by the great influx of tech stock reports; Samsung took the initiative to head the outstanding performance with an incremental high of 0.3%.

Australian shares were also hitting all time high; the S&P/ASX 200 was meekly increased by a total of 0.3%. On the bleaker side, the Chinese stock Shanghai Composite Index was down, although another Chinese stock, the Shenzen Composite manages to ride the Asian bullish run with a total of 0.6% increase.

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