In recent reports, Nintendo announced that it will increase the production of the Switch console to meet the demands in the coming Christmas season. The company expects a production of two-million units per month.

The pushed production was done to meet the demands in Asia. Aside from that, the gaming company expects to produce at least 20 million units for 2017. Also on the year, the company expects to ship at least 10 million consoles which are realistically attainable in March 2018 as the company only ships 800,000 to a million units per month.


Switch is one of the recently released console by Nintendo. Since its launch, the console faced shortage due to its rising demands.

However, despite the rising demand, Nintendo Switch consoles are still considered short in terms of supplies. The console would not be available in countries such as Taiwan until December due to this unavailability.  As for the other countries, the console is expected to available in 2018 with the support of Tencent which would make the process lucrative for the country.

Nonetheless, it is still unknown if such would affect the American and European Market. But for now, it seemed like the company is focusing more on the Asian Market.

Manufactured by Foxconn and Hosiden, The Foxconn-produced Switch holds the 50% overall value of the total volume.

Trading Performance


Nintendo managed to perform optimistically in its current trades. It recently had a bull domination which had a close at 393.98. At the time of writing, the gaming company lost -0.51% to -2.0200 which.

The abovementioned decline can be supported by its relative strength index in which also indicated a downtrend despite trading bullishly. The indicator was last seen at 69.92 making it no longer overbought as it is below the 70’s region now. 

As for its Coppock Curve, the indicator is also showing a potential decline as it remained flat in its recent performance. At 12.91, curve may face a decline in its coming trades. However, since it is still high in the positive region, it may not dramatically decline further. A hold on buy would be much preferred for the gaming stock: Nintendo.

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