Nordstrom is expected to release its first quarter results this coming Friday of May 11th, after the closing bell. Investors are eager to know whether the fashion stock will beat expectations just like last year’s or will it disappoint?

Nordstrom, as one of the biggest fashion retails, was having a hard time adjusting its business to the mainstream online markets. However, the fashion establishment was able to adapt quickly and better compared to its competing giants. Mores so, Nordstrom excelled because it was able to move to the online market in speed and was able to purchase digital startups as well to extend its fashion line of Nordstrom Rack.

However, profits had fallen at around 41% to $354 million for the financial year concluded in January, while sales edged up approximately 3% to $14.5 billion. Last week, Nordstrom's shares trended up to 3.6% so far this year.

Last year, Nordstrom’s results performed positively with an increase of 21.2% overall. It managed to beat the expected number of 15.6% following its next quarters.

Nordstrom's manifestation in the consumer-focused apparel space maintains the corporation from being open to the risks of varying preferences, inclinations and shopping actions of consumers. Likewise, inflexible rivalry from further companies rests as a threat to boundaries. Additionally, the recurrent disposition of the firm's trades can possibly damage the outcomes if any seasonal plans fail to deliver. Year-to-date, Nordstrom's shares have augmented 2.5% unlike with the information branded Retail-Apparel/Shoe business that plunged 7.2%.

On the other hand, Nordstrom is expected to gain numbers in its online sales, which throughout fiscal 2016 had totaled at about 25% fundamentally of sales. Henceforth concentrating upon digital processes is reflected critical for the business. In terms of cost savings it plans to establish balance between sales and expense growth. Additionally, the company has remained consistent with store expansion strategy, particularly in Canada.


Nordstrom Inc. has recently employed Anne Bramman as chief financial officer, sealing the said role that was emptied when its previous CFO retired at the beginning of the current month of May.

Last march, the 49 year old reported that she already issued her resignation from Avery Dennison Corp., subsequently after working for the company for around two years.

Nordstrom will be one of the companies in which had administrative changes over a number of retirements and resignation losses. Kors and Kohl’s Corp also had plans on changing their administrative positions, with Kors already appointing a new finance chief and Kohl’s scouting for a potential finance officer since its existing one, is to retire in the coming months.

Weekly Trades


Nordstrom, in a weekly perspective, has managed to continue its bullish trend in its recent trades. Last week, the candle opened at 48.30 and finished at 49.01, with having the high of 50.21 and a low of 47.25.

Coppock Curve has successfully moved towards the positive range. Currently, the indicator is placed at 4.62. RSI level slightly moved higher as well. It was last seen at 42.27.

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