In the recent Nu Skin global LIVE!, Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. revealed  the company’s growth strategy which is focused on engaging platforms, enabling products and empowering programs. Also, the skin company announced its recent fund raising event for the children’s causes around the world as part of its Force of Good initiatives of Nu Skin.

"The energy from our sales leaders onsite and online was powerful as we leveraged a new format for our global convention, attracting a sell-out audience in Salt Lake City, with even more participating in real time through our Nu Skin LIVE! Webcast," Chief Executive Officer Ritch Wood stated in the event. "We continue to orient our sales leaders on our growth strategy as we work to become the world's leading opportunity platform, helping people improve their lives and the lives of those around them."

In the live event, Nu Skin speakers discussed about the global rise of social selling platforms and its vital role in the growth of the Skin Company as a whole.  Corporate leadership was also outlined which includes the stages needed to be taken next year to interlock its sales force with tools and technology that develop their capability to grasp more potential customers and business creators by means of social platforms.


Nu Skin's Headquarters in Provo, Utah.

New Products

Furthermore, Nu Skin also introduced new additions to its current roster such as the ageLOC LumiSpa, PowerLIPS Fluid, Dr. Dana™ Nail Renewal System and Rau.

ageLOC LumiSpa is a new dual-action skin care device that provides skin-perfecting treatments and deep cleansing benefits which can result to a smoother, softer skin after a single use while PowerLIPS Fluid provides intense, long-lasting lip color that has a distinctive blend of skin-nourishing elements to help relax, smooth and avoid dry-out over a while.

As for the other products, Dr. Dana™ Nail Renewal System is created to not only cover nail issues, but also cure them in the process while Rau provides high-performance, natural beauty line that fuses the best quality of natural elements from around the world with a crowd-funding philanthropy platform.

Customer Related Programs

Velocity – a program that offers more flexible and sensible prizes for sales directors was also announced in the said event. To add, Blu Rewards was announced as well. This program provides a new customer loyalty rewards program which is designed improve the customer involvement with tiered acknowledgement and elastic point redemption.

Fund Raising Event

It was also revealed in the event that Nu Skin will be holding a fundraising dinner and auction with all the proceeds going to the Nu Skin's Force for Good initiatives charity which is aimed to help the lives of children by giving them hope for a life; free from diseases, illiteracy and poverty.

Trading Performance


Nu Skin’s trades entered a bearish trend this week. In its recent trade, the skin company somehow rebounded by adding back 0.05 of the lost points which is 0.08 in percentage rate.

The Relative Strength Index of the company somehow inclined upwards as well. It was last found at 55.22.

Lastly, the Coppock curve declined in its recent trades hitting 7.0058 as its final result. Despite being on a positive region, the decline can signal a potential downtrend soon. A hold on buy would be advised.

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