The reigning king of graphics card production recently unveiled their plans to hop on the self-driving cars market and today, it extends its teaser with an announcement that it is looking to collaborate with Uber Technologies Inc. and the widely popular German automaker Volkswagen.

According to reports, the company is looking to integrate and its innovational and technological procedures and manufacturing to these automobile companies in order to harness a self-driving platform that can soon hit the market. News also revealed that the company is also merging its artificial intelligence platform to create better results.


Nvidia CES Announcement

Nvidia unveiled their new autonomous machine intelligence processors at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show or CES. The tech giant took it to CES to announce their whole new technology which is dubbed as the Xavier autonomous intelligence processors. The Xavier is already up on shipping after they unveiled it last year, although a lot of whole new announcement on this year’s CES.

According to the tech giant, the Xavier is looking to have three more and new variants of its integrated DRIVE AI platform; these whole new variants and adaptations are based on the Xavier SoCs. The DRIVE AI platform is looking to offer a lot of new functions and technology this year.

DRIVER AI Information

The company mentioned that the new variants will be jam-packed with new features such as; augmented reality being joined-up with self-driving cars which according to Nvidia, will significantly improve and alter the whole driving experience.

According to the company’s automotive lead, Danny Shapiro, Nvidia believes in the integration of the AR will increasingly become a necessity amongst the smartphone users and eventually to the rest of the consumer electronics market, and through the self-driving cars as well.

The whole new SDK or software development kit includes several innovations such as the addition of computer vision, graphics and artificial intelligence capabilities. The plan is to veneer information which varies from the road conditions, points of interests, and some real-world in-car displays.


Uber, VW Collaboration

Uber has been one of the companies that have been publicly involved with Nvidia’s venture to the automobile market. The grab-hailing company has been utilizing Nvidia’s computing technology since the first release of the test fleet Volvo SC90 SUVs last 2016. Furthermore, Uber’s venture on the self-driving lane has been halted by lawsuits last 2017.

On the other hand, Volkswagen is also announced to have their future units to feature the Drive IX platform; the auto company is also branding it with a technology called as “intelligent co-pilot”. All-in-all, there are a total of 320 companies which are biting the bullet of self-driving cars and are all reportedly using the DRIVE PX2 or the NVidia Drive.

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