Back in November, PS4 Pro had its official release and is now one of the leading game console of Sony. The 8th gen console provides a variety of performance advancements such as its remarkable 4K definition graphics with extended frame rate, and High Dynamic Range feature. The anticipated release of the PS4 firmware V4.5 update would introduce a new mode called PS4 Pro Boost Mode in which here can improve visuals on games that haven’t established particular patch advancements. The console sells at $399.99, which is an equivocal rate from the release of PS4 back in November 2013.

PS4 Pro Retro Shortage

Colorware is bringing back the good ‘ol nostalgia by making a fresh recolor of the new luxury console Sony PS4 Pro. PS4 Pro with a paint job identical to the cherished 1994 PS1 visuals has been released worldwide but now facing a huge shortage.

However, a shortage took place in which prevented gamers to purchase the limited edition console.

PS4 Pro Pro Retro Editions as mentioned are limited the sold out was quite expected, but because of the rising demand for the limited edition game console, Colorware with Sony would be providing more stocks soon.

Colorware is presently marketing just 50 units of the PS4 Ultimate Retro, which is a US Slim model with features such as -

·         500GB Hard drive

·         Custom PlayStation 4 DualShock controller

·         Original Packaging

·         And some plug-n-play games

Novastrike also provides recolors for the hyped console which is quite similar to Colorware’s.

Influence On Sales

Sales of the PlayStation 4 Pro went off to a solid start. According to CFO Kenichiro Yoshida, the console is exceeding expectations already. "PS4 Pro is running as we had expected, as we assumed, but Pro maybe is doing more than we anticipated." He said.

Yoshida told reports that PS4 Pro has better market the slim model. "The sales of Pro are stronger than that of Slim, as we see it." he said. The CFO purportedly added that PlayStation VR impacted on PS4 Pro sales as well, with publics seemingly aiming to have better gaming experience with PS4 if they used PSVR additionally.

The sales for the PlayStation Virtual Headset on the other hand did not exceed expectations on sales but met its quota. Jim Ryan, PlayStation executive said “Sony was expecting to sell "hundreds of thousands" of units at launch.”

Sony announced two new $500 PSVR bundles for release and is now available in the market.

Technical Analysis


Sony Corp maintained its bullish trend for its 11th streak. The tech giant opened at 31.22 and closed at its high of 31.24. It had a low of 31.05. Relative Strength Index remained steady as it trended between 60 and 50. Its current mark for Sony is at 53.63.

Coppock Curve however is declining. It still maybe on a positive range, specifically at 2.88 and is dramatically dropping in numbers. A buy is advised with the indicator signifying a potential oversold situation as the buy would help the indicator remain on the positive range.

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