After almost sixteen years, Palladium has managed to pick up a price parity with its related metal platinum for the first time last week. It happened when various shareholders examined numerous methods to put stakes on the apparent automotive industry trends.

The elimination of injurious exhausts produced by cars motorized by gasoline and diesel are one of the useful uses of Platinum and Palladium. With such reason, both have been on demand especially in the automobile industry.


Palladium helps in diffusing dangerous fumes from gasoline powered cars.

Consumers from various countries have switched to gasoline powered vehicles from diesel powered ones. Predominantly, European Consumers have done such switch for the reason that sparked from the apprehensions over particulate matter production. Additionally, consumers are building concerns over the hazard of driving interdicts in huge municipalities such as London and Paris.

From such hysterics, Palladium has certainly profited from it. The hype built around the indication of hybrid vehicles getting prevalent again had done wonders for the said commodity.

 “Declining diesel shares should lead to lower automotive demand for platinum,” Analyst Joni Teves told reports, “At the same time, the move towards electric vehicles should benefit palladium to the extent that this translates into increasing demand for gasoline hybrids, which we assume to have similar palladium loadings to gasoline vehicles.”

NYMEX Performance


Palladium’s NYMEX performance had somehow a decent performance in its recent trades. Despite trading bearishly in its most recent one which had a -0.31% decline, it seems like the downtrend is temporary and will continue trading upwards sooner or later. Spot palladium had a performance at $933.00 per ounce on last week’s trades. As for the platinum, the metal was last seen at $913.00. Palladium soared by 37 % in the current year as the platinum plunged by 2%.

As for its Relative Strength Index, the indicator simply mirrored the performance above by indicating a downward inclination between the 60-50’s regions. At 54.66, the spot metal might play around the region for a quite while until a bullish signal is projected in its coming trades.

The Coppock curve showed an uptrend in its latest indication. Despite being on a negative region, it is apparent that there is a huge possibility that the indicator will perform beyond the negative zone towards the positive one. Since it is close to the positive region, a hold on any position would be advised as it is still at -2.7190.

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