One of the globally renowned pizza companies, Papa John's International, Inc. is ready for its next step in its planned global expansion. Reportedly, Papa John is planning to expand in Chile and Spain and in this favor; the pizzeria has freshly contracted two expansion arrangements with franchisee Drake QSR AG.

The franchise associate is now plotting to erect 45 restaurant chains in Chile and 40 units in Spain.

“Drake is an outstanding franchise partner,” senior vice-president and chief development officer for Papa John’s, Tim O’Hern, told reports. “They continue to focus on delivering on quality, which has resulted in a continued expansion in both Chile and Spain. We remain enthusiastic about Papa John’s growth opportunities in both countries.” O’Hern added.

At the present time, Drake manages at exactly 55 restaurants in Chile within PJ Chile SpA and the newly issued partnership will permit the said franchisee to erect 45 units more- specifically Papa John’s, totaling to 100 restaurants if successful. Outstandingly, Papa John's has been undergoing a substantial development in Chile alone and henceforth, plants to build and continue to nurture its impact in the said country.

In the intervening time, the extension contract signed up by Drake through PJI España Pizzerías S.L. (PJ España) will let PJ España to build more restaurants in Madrid and to all extents of Spain. Drake accordingly plans to kick off 40 restaurants all over Spain, counting Barcelona, before the current year ends.

Fascinatingly, Drake’s performance has been one of the best and as business, it’s development is evidently growing. Drake is one of the most fruitful franchise accomplices as well for Papa John's.

Drake focuses on delivering quality food and such fortitude has stemmed to an insistent development for Papa John’s in the named nations above. Papa John is expecting fruitful results in both countries of Chile and Spain.

 “We are excited about the development opportunities that remain in Chile and the tremendous growth opportunity in Spain,” chief executive officer of Drake, Silvio Rostagno told reports. “Our customers in both Chile and Spain continue to tell our team members they love Papa John’s.”

Papa John’s International has beyond 1,650 transnational restaurants, counting above 400 restaurants in 16 Latin American republics.

Trading Analysis


In the past periods, Papa John’s was seen performing bullishly well. However, will its recent candle indicate a potential downfall?

In a much deeper outlook, the recent candle opened at 84.95 and fell further to its low of 83.04 losing -1.71 to -2.02% accordingly.

Papa John’s RSI level drastically went down to the 60’s range, losing at around mostly 10 points in its recent performance. With a 70’s range miss, the stock landed at 59.98.

Furthermore, Papa John’s Coppock Curve was seen surging and was last seen at 4.39 – a positive range that would indicate a buy for the stock. To answer the question above, it is likely but the fall might just be temporary.

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