Shares of PetMed Express jumped after posting strong fiscal results today. The strong results boosted the Pet Pharmacy’s stock to at least 19.3% respectively.

In further details, PetMed Express has beat the analysts’ expectations again as its revenue data jumped by 10% to $79.7 million, which again has exceed the estimated figures of $77.3 million. More so, a huge up in its higher-margin products has influenced a surge in its gross margin which had a 34.5% increase. This had made a 41% climb in its earnings per share of $0.45 – a much better data than the expected $0.38.

Furthermore, PetMed Express Inc. gathered a large number of consumers for the current quarter, specifically 169,000 in total. If to compare year on year, this is an 8% hike overall. Additionally, average order also so a climb from $82 to $87.

Menderes Akdag, the chief executive officer of PetMed added that the surges in new orders and reorders are encouraging. "PetMed continues to focus on increasing sales and improving our service levels." Akdag stated.

The year-over-year augmentation in earnings was compelled by an upsurge in sales and enhanced margins. In the stated quarter, Net sales expanded by 9.9% to $79.7 million year over year, beating the expectation of just merely 0.9%.

To end the current fiscal first quarter, PetMed acquired a total number of $68.5 million in cash- an up if to compare with the expectation of just $58.7 million  for the latterly of fiscal 2017. The pet giant also professed a periodical dividend of 20 cents for each share, allocated to its shareholders on record as of Aug 7, 2017.

PetMed presently markets an extensive collection of goods specifically supplied to dogs, cats and horses, and is also planning to upgrade its present portfolio.

Trading Performance


As mentioned above, the Pet Pharmacy of PetMed Express Inc. experienced a massive bull domination in its recent trades. From its opening of 43.38, PetMed surged up to its close of 47.95 which is essentially a 19.3% increase in its trades.

PetMed Express’ Relative Strength Index also jumped beyond the 70’s range, indicating that for now – PetMed is overbought. Specifically, the pet pharmacy is at 77.69. It is very likely that the stock will continue such performance especially with its upbeat earnings report.  

Lastly, its Coppock Curve was also seen inching forward. The indicator was last seen rebounding towards the higher levels of the positive region specifically at 4.21. This is a strong buy for the stock as it is expected that the stock can go up from here.

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