After the termination of the Pfizer and Allergan merger last April, the American pharmaceutical corporation was pushing another transaction with Anacor pharmaceuticals for $5.2 billion as it intended to lead the market eczema soon.

Taking into consideration the number of Americans suffering from eczema and other skin diseases, Pfizer could have seen the potential to lead the market after purchasing Anacor Pharmaceuticals. The biopharmaceutical company is highly focused on discovering, developing and commercializing novel small-molecule therapeutics.

Pfizer full rights over Crisaborole

Under the course  of the agreement, Pfizer will have the authority over Crisaborole, a non-steroidal boron-containing drug for the topical treatment of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases. Since there has been no drug which is approved to cure eczema, the acquisition of Pfizer came at the right time.

Crisaborole will probably be recommended to treat eczema since there has been cases of cataracts, glaucoma and skin atrophy experienced by the patients from the recent medication for the disease.


Albert Bourla, Group President of Pfizers Global Innovative Pharma and Global Vaccines, Oncology, and Consumer Health Businesses, said that Crisaborole is a differentiated asset with compelling clinical data that, if approved, has the potential to be an important first-line treatment option for these patients and the physicians who treat them.

However, Pfizer still struggles to get the approval from the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA remains strict on its regulatory measures which make it hard for pharmaceutical companies to operate and proceed with their plan.

Pfizer to generate massive sales

Market expert believed that Pfizer can generate huge sales with the current $4 billion global sales market for eczema which is projected to be $9 billion. However, Pfizer will set a tight competition with the New York based Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. The company is the creator of Dupilumad, a monoclonal antibody designed for the treatment of atopic diseases, which still waits for approval.

Additionally, AztraZeneca Plc (AZN), has been developing tralokinumab and the Roche Holding is working on lebrikizmab. Chugai is already on its midstage in developing an atopic dermatitis therapy.


Elsewhere, the deal is feared to be overvalued since Pfizer is looking for $2 billion sales on annual basis thus, making Anacor worth $9 billion. Aside from Cirsaborole, the company is getting Keyrdin assets, a treatment for toenail fungus. Back in 2014, Anacor counterfeited a deal with Sandoz to help Keyrdin to come back to the market. In the previous year, the commercialization segment revenue and the total distribution accumulated $69.7 million revenue.

Pfizer Edges Up

Recently, Pfizer Incorporated strongly opened at $34.34, an increase  of 0.69 percent or 0.24 with a market capitalization of 210.90 billion. The American global pharmaceutical corporation had a price earnings ratio of 28.14 and a dividend yield of 3.49 percent.

Pfizer has a median price target of $38.00 while its highest price target is $54.00. In the previous quarter, the pharmaceutical company had an earnings per share of 0.67 and revenue of $13,005.00 million, higher than the expected $0.55 per share and $12,017.40 million revenue. Currently, analysts are expecting $0.57 to $0.69 eps for the quarter

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