Pokemon Go is getting sponsored locations for the next generation, and McDonald’s could be among them. Rumors surrounds on a news website, suggesting Niantic and McDonald’s team up, with sources confirming that the two are indeed working together.

Given the sponsorship deal, every McDonald’s restaurant in Asian country will become a PokeStop or gym, and Gizmodo recommends Japan as it is the homeland of The Pokemon Company.    

However, Pokemon Go isn’t out yet in Japan, but based on recent reports, its launching could proceed at any day now.

The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have teamed up with McDonald’s for promotional campaigns that would take place in one country, whereas Niantic could possibly consider it as a trial and sees expansion to other regions.  

Meanwhile, the reported partnership, along with how long it would last as well as the special bonuses that could be offered were not mentioned.


Niantic CEO John Hanke mentioned that the deals were already signed by developers, along with a few retail establishments to turn their businesses into sponsored Pokemon Go locations. In addition, the official announcement approaches “in the future.”

Further, the company’s businesses don’t require official team ups with Niantic to entice people to their establishments. A Long Island pizza place recently claimed that sales rallied 75 percent after using Pokemon Go’s “lure” items and bring their Pokemon on a desired location, which in turn attracted customers.    

Australia’s Sydney Opera House announced to lure Pokemon to a music hall for a Pokemon Go party.

McDonald’s Pokemon Go Secret

Given the smartphone dominance nowadays, people are pretty much addicted to the newest Pokemon Go game.


Over billions of stock value were already added to Nintendo, and Gizmodo announced that the game is expected to generate more money with a profitable new partnership.  

As Pokemon Go will work with McDonald’s, users will be enthusiast to congregate at the world’s fast food restaurant and would drive businesses. If the partnership will become successful, sponsored locations across other countries wouldn’t be that far-fetched in the future.   

The potential teaming up of Pokemon Go and McDonald’s was initially noticed when a code was dug on the Android version of the game. Developers have found the word “McDonald’s” upon their search for sponsors and partners.

Conversely, the creator of the game Niantic hosted a sponsored locations within its earlier game, Ingress, in order to have an easier teaming up with partners. 

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