Portugal has been able to maintain its upbeat economic growth in its recent figures. The unemployment figures declined to a new low as the debt yields experienced a similar weakening which is believed to be its best data for the time being.

Additionally, overall well-being also maintained its positive performance, in the reports of EU revising the budget deficit forecast of Portugal down to 1.4 % for 2017.

The country has found success in its recent auction off of more than billions of euros in sovereign debt which was at its bottommost yield on note. This has put Mário Centeno, the Finance Minister of the country, in pure satisfaction as recently – the country’s government debt had hit untenably great levels which had to Portugal enquiring the IMF and the EU for a bailout.

The improving financial situation of Portugal along with its global presence has also experienced a significant upsurge for the said period.

Also on Wednesday’s reports, figures revealed that the dole queues plunged again. It was reported to have dropped 0.3 points to 8.5% for the period.


Lisbon - One of Portugal Historical Cities

According to Portugal Statistics (INE), Portugal’s employment data for the time being hasn’t been recorded this low since 2008 with the viewpoint continuing its positivity for the concluding quarter in terms of employment forecasts.

The current employment rate has not been this low since the end of 2008, Portugal Statistics (INE) said, with the outlook remaining positive for the final quarter in terms of job prospects. If to compare from the preceding year’s data, there are at present 105,500 less individuals visiting resident job centers in the said period.

Furthermore, individuals who are under 25 have shown promise for the forthcoming periods. The data acted as the toughest smash by the economic predicament, with the quantity of unemployed in this age collection plummeting by practically 25 % the preceding year.

Relative to the GDP’s Overall debt, figures suggest that it is expected to decline by 130 % to 126 % for the coming months.

 “Portugal is a great place to invest. Bureaucracy has been tamed and is shrinking; there is political and economic stability and the ecosystem is enjoying great prosperity.” Prime Minister António Costa stated on reports.

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