Mazda Motor Corporation’s has recently revealed that the company experienced a rise in its profits by 1.9% in its current quarter while premium foreign exchange rate increases counterbalance its increasing costs and its lackluster sales and model mix.

In the Japanese branch of Mazda, the second quarter results of the company revealed a rise in its Operating profit which had an icnrease 36.6 billion yen ($325.2 million) compared to its operating profit of 35.9 billion yen ($319.0 million) in a year-over-year basis.

However, net income declined by 23 percent to 26.7 billion yen ($237.3 million) in the second quarter of the company. Net income weakened by a 6.4 billion yen ($56.9 million) n which was compensated to insure a class action lawsuit sanction with U.S. clienteles whose autos were equipped with potentially faulty Takata airbag inflators.


The Mazda 2 is on display at the 32nd Thailand International Motor Expo 2015 on December 1, 2015 in Nonthaburi, Thailand.

As for its Global revenue, figures scaled by 11 percent to 854.5 billion yen ($7.6 billion), as international sales improved by 1.5 percent to 406,000 automobiles in the three month period.

Furthermore, Revenue and operating profit was lifted by promising exchange rates in where Japanese yen debilitated with its currency pairs which of course includes the U.S. dollar and euro. Additionally, Foreign exchange increases supported an amount of 15.6 billion yen ($138.6 million) to the operating profit of Mazda in the fiscal second quarter of Japan’s headquarters.

Such figures is believed to be more than enough to counterweight a 7.0 billion yen ($62.2 million) deterioration from weakening model mix as Mazda had a hard time with its car-heavy lineup in a market hastening to crossovers and light trucks. According Mazda, the company will have an increased marketing to transfer sedans in the U.S., in where sales collapsed by 2.4 percent throughout October and had an 8.4 percent fall in the preceding month.

Trading Performance


Mazda’s trades have recently indicated a bullish candle in its recent trades. It finished at 1653.1 which is a 1.23% increase or a 20.1 points addition generally.

Its Relative Strength Index also appeared to be rising as it finished at 61.32 as a continuation to its deceptive trend. At 53.61, it is possible that the stock may continue trading upwards as no signs of declines can be seen.

Lastly, its Coppock Curve indicated an uptrend in its recent trades. However it is still in the negative region, specifically at -3.42. This would recommend a sell for the stock but with the apparent uptrend, a hold on sell would be much preferred.

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