After hitting its one-week low, Rand experienced a recovery on Thursday’s day trades as the unstable or perhaps weaker dollar struggles to locate a clear direction throughout the indecisions about the course of US interest rates in 2018.

The resident currency faced high pressures on most of the times this week in the midst of the news of the Cabinet Reshuffle which was recently announced on Tuesday by President Jacob Zuma.

Strategist John Cairns predicts that the rand will experience a recovery from the delay done by the unexpected vicissitudes to the supervisory - a second one as the first Cabinet Reshuffle was lately executed in the recent six months. "The sharp rand weakness of the past few days was spurred by the Cabinet reshuffle. And it was justified, given the unexplainable gains of last week."


The Reserve Bank Of South Africa in Johannesburg 

The Rand has indeed stimulated the inflation data and such has already resulted to an increase from 4.8% in August to a twelve-monthly rate of 5.1% in September. The raised inflation has rooted at the time when the international Brent crude price neared the higher end of its current trading expanse which was at $58 for each barrel.

According to analysts, the South African rand was deemed as a "wild card", which could avert the monetary policy committee of the Reserve Bank from slashing interest rates throughout its organized conference in the coming November.

ZAR/USD Performance


At the time of writing, the Rand against the US Dollar is currently displaying a bullish candle indicating that it indeed recovered from its recent losses. Trading at 0.0734, the pair has so far declined by -0.27% showing that it still needs some bulls before completely making a recovery. With the tail however, it is very likely.

As for its RSI Level, the indicator halted its dramatic downtrend. It may seem that the index may perform between the 50’s and 40’s region with the indicated inclination. It is currently at 44.45.

Lastly, its Coppock Curve indicated an uptrend. This can be a signal that the pair may enter a bullish trend soon with its current performance. At 0.4020, the curve has managed to pull itself up from the slumps of the negative region. Since it is positive, a buy would be advised.  

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