The Comeback

The hybrid-car company is making its comeback in the market scene. From Fisker Automotive, Karma reinvents itself from the ashes that it turned into and plans to sell its new Revero four-door coupe around the end of the year through several of high-end franchised dealers.


Dealerships from various cities in the US and Canada puts Karma in a more advanced disposition giving the company an advantageous start in their business. These stores sell known labels such as Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche to name a few.

Brand Experience Centers

Similar to Tesla’s, the store hopes to put up a “brand experience centers” with a friendlier approach to boost client experience. Storefronts are planned to be designed cohesively with the planned approach of the company, hoping that designs alone can tell stories.

“The two-pronged approach gives the fledgling automaker the best of both worlds.” Karma Automotive Chief Marketing Officer, Jim Taylor said in an interview by Automotive News. "These guys really understand this customer. They get that it's not moving metal and pushing volume like the mass-market guys have to." Taylor added.

Brand experience centers’ initial debut will be held in for Karma's backyard in Orange County, California on the 8th of September of this year. The unveiling of the Revero will act as the main event and to build hype, Taylor announced that photos will be distributed and will act as teasers. 


The company assures that its franchised dealers will meet up the exact standards as the company expects them to have, an advantage of Karma being able to manage its own market. By using Tesla model of a low-pressure sales space where automakers can take control of its brand message, adds up to the assurance of having the same level of every franchised deal. "When you control your own store, you live it every day, so you have to walk the walk. So I think in a good way it puts a lot of pressure on you to deliver the same level of performance." Taylor said.

Karma holds up its factory from production and targets the end up the year before they can begin. Before the production can start, the automotive company gears its factory by building prototypes and polishing every essential need of a car.

Karma Automotive is now owned by Wanxiang Group which also owns a battery-making company A123. Reveros starting retail price opens at $100,000 which are now being ordered by dealers from the company.

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