Karen Dolva and No Isolation are aiming to put an end to isolation. Dolva, together with her partners Marius Aabel and Matias Doyle, created the world’s first telepresence robot called the AV1.

The AV1 is for kids battling chronic illness and are experiencing isolation. The bust-like device will be replacing the kid in the classroom.

According to Dolva, aside from eliminating isolation, one of the reasons why they invented the AV1, is to be different from engineers focused on making “something cool.” She and her colleagues wanted to create something useful.

Dolva fully understood the problem of isolation when she met a mother whose daughter died due to cancer. She and her team did a research following this and came up with the AV1.


Features of AV1

Dolva and No Isolation’s AV1 has key features that give a kid the opportunity to participate in school while at home. The child will be able to see and hear through the robot which is controlled via an app.

The AV1’s head rotates 360 degrees to provide a full-view of the classroom. It has a flashing light that can be turned on when the student wants to ask a question. There is also a mode that allows the kid to speak with classmates.

A 13 megapixel camera and speakers (including a loudspeaker) are installed in the AV1. The device can connect to Wi-Fi and has a battery that lasts for eight hours.

The AV1 is not just for children who are currently sick. It is also for the ones still recovering from illness and unable to attend school physically.


AV1 Receives Positive Reviews

Dolva and No Isolation’s AV1 has received good reviews so far. On No Isolation’s website, feedbacks from a number of users were posted and all of them are pleased with the robot.

It is not just the users of the AV1 who are happy with it, even politicians like Bent Høie, Norway’s Minister of Health and Care Services, approve it. Høie said the AV1 is a solution to the problem of loneliness kids experience when they stay out of school for a long time due to sickness.  

Most AV1 units are in Scandinavia, with more than 200 users in the region, although there are also some in Holland and one in Britain. Dolva is expecting the number of users to grow to 2,000 to 4,000 in a year.

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