Sony Corp's shares could experience more upsurges by at least 20% in the coming year. According to sources, this could be powered up by the company’s robust sales camera chips for smartphones data of in consort with the videogame structures and softwares.

Sony as one of the companies that lead the market in terms of consumer-electronics, has experienced a decline in personal computers, smartphones & television sales in the recent periods. The reports add that the company had incurred a collective decline of beyond $9 billion in the recent fiscal years that ended in the 2012 of March. That is about a partial value of its share market value at the time being.

However, the forceful cost-cutting measures such as its TV business restructuring, Vaio computer line 2014 marketing and laying low in its smartphones business have shown positive effects to the company.

Furthermore, Sony’s gaming and camera chip has been reported to be one of its strengths. In this sector the company has been able to market more than 60 million units of PlayStation 4 consoles since its inauguration four years ago. Such data was believed to be a double of the projected unit sales of Xbox One line of Microsoft.


Sony PS4 outnumbered its rival in the past years.

The remaining TV Business of the company has indicated a strong benefit from a business upturn as consumers continue upgrading their screens to either OLED or 4K screens. The company also figured out how to generate cash through streaming and manufacturing more role-playing game parceled as a smartphone application.

Trading Performance


Sony has been trading above its new highs in its recent trades. Its recent performance ended at 45.24. This was recorded to be a decline of -1.76%.

The Relative Strength Index of the company has ended its recent trades by declining back to the 60’s region after being marked as overbought for 12 days. It was last seen at 67.74.

It seems like the overall hype has toned down in its recent performance. The Coppock curve of the tech company has finally indicated a short downtrend back to 41.27. Since such performance was done in the positive region, a buy would be advised. It may also have a hard time going down with such highs.

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