Another trading bot has landed to various scam review websites and failed to prove eligibility. Simple Profits has been reported to sport a lot of fake contents and a lot of complains in the recent times and thus falling under the category of scams.

First and foremost, the software claims that it was featured in most websites such as New York Times and BBC. However, when searched, it appears that the claims do not exist.

They also claim to have affiliates such as CNN, Forbes, Huffpost and other more. Apparently, they have included these logos in their website to build trust but these logos remained logos and none of them really connected to what they claimed to be their partners and just remained a logo in the platform.

Just as the other scams, it all feature same patterns. Let’s get to most of them.

First, it provides a fake bank account that they show that contains outrageous amount of deposit that is not legit. All scams have this factor to add to the fact that they’re legit but all presented are not real.

Speaking of not real which doesn’t end there, No legal licenses has been presented and FAQ section is heavily copied from another scam website by the name of Proven Profits. It is unknown if it’s connected to the mentioned bot but both are sure to be scams.

Baits are also around. They provide unrealistic returns that they claim to have been the case of their clients who are actually none. To warn, once something which claims to have big returns in a short period of time, then it is considered to be questionable.

More fake contents include testimonials, snippets and the abovementioned contents.

To summarize, Simple Profits is a Binary Options software that is a bot and is designed to steal money from potential victims. Binary options bots are a widespread nowadays and Simple Profits is just one of them. One must be careful when engaging with these online scams and must consult reviews, blogs and financial advisers to prevent scams. To read more, click  here.

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