The Forex exchange market has been considered to be one of the largest financial market with a huge traded volume daily. This type of market is accessible to all types of traders globally since the trading deals are mostly done over-the-counter. In connection with this, forex  is attractive with most of the traders worldwide.

Trading forex involves a high choice of leverage, lower costs, up and down trends, efficient and instant order execution, liquid market and a 24 hour operation. It only takes an effective strategy to meet your financial goal in the market.

Here are the simplest forex trading strategies:


Currency Market Time

Basically, the market opens in a different time frame. As a trader, you have to be aware of the exact market time of the currencies that you wish to trade. There are fundamentals that a trader must consider for each currency. For instance, currencies like the Aussie, kiwi and loonie highly depends on the commodities. On the other hand, the greenback is greatly sensitive in the policy actions of the Federal Reserve.

With the proper knowledge about the related market events in the currencies and the right timing in the market, you can trade forex effectively. Weigh in the factors involving the currency before opening or closing a trade.

Trading Software

There are specific trading programs that you can rely whenever you are too busy to deal with your transaction. In real life, there are instances where you are quite too busy to handle your trading platform. Although it was not an ideal technique, it may bring profit to you as well.

Keep in mind that within the trading period, you might miss some opportunities if you don’t dedicate your full time in the market. The best way to deal with it is to get a technical help. Through this, you need not to worry about the trading hours and opportunities.

Portfolio Protection


One way to protect your account from having losses is to engage in a stop-loss-order. A stop loss order is made for traders who couldn’t supervise their respective portfolio for a while. This order is usually coordinated with a broker. The trader informs the broker to sell a security or an asset once a certain price is reached.

This strategy can limit the probable losses of a trader, whether it is a short or long position. Traders can have a better control of their portfolios as well. For example, you buy 5000 shares of a certain asset  for $400 but you won’t have enough time to look after your position. To lessen the chance of having a great loss, you will enter a stop loss at $350. If the market goes against you and the asset went down below $350, the shares will be sold at $350 – creating a total loss per share for only $50.

Price Action

This type of trading technique deals with the price of the asset more than anything else. To make it simple, traders check out the price movement and from there determine the most beneficial trading decision from there. The price changes from the past to present should be examined properly.

Price action is mostly about price speculations and or predictions and it is widely used by retail traders and speculators. It is also advisable to be used for bonds, equities, derivatives, commodities and of course in forex. One thing to keep in mind on using price action is to identify the trend of the asset then seek for the trading opportunities.

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Amid these favorable factors in trading forex, you have to remember that the market is too volatile. The only way to beat the market turbulence is to have an adequate knowledge in trading whatever assets and or securities you choose. You are always one step ahead when you can predict the next price movement. You will have the privilege to prepare, whether you lose or you earn.

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