Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has recently announced that Singapore will be continuing its restructuring its economy as planned in 2018. Additionally, the country will be investing more in its infrastructure for the said year.

As part of the New Year’s Eve message of the Prime Minister, Singapore continuing the implementation of Industry Transformation Map and SkillsFuture to instill lasting education. This will likewise help labor forces to become accustomed in these new jobs while ensuring growth.

Also, Singapore will also be focusing on the expansion of its Healthcare facilities. It is to prepare the country for its ageing population and provide youngsters a resilient foundataion in life as more pre-schools are currently being built, Prime Minister Lee added.

The Government of Singapore is currently working on refining the rail dependability and the MRT networks of the country as part of its infrastructure investment plan. Additionally, Major infrastructure plans will be including the Changi Airport’s Terminal 5, the Tuas Megaport and the high-speed rail linkage to Kuala Lumpur.


An aerial view of Singapore's busiest district. 

“All these are essential investments in our future. They require time and resources, and will stretch way beyond this term of Government. We have to plan well ahead for them,” Mr. Lee added.

“This is how we have built today’s Singapore – each generation working and saving for the future, building on what it inherited and passing on something better to the next generation. This was the creed that drove the Pioneer Generation of Singaporeans, and it must animate our generation too.”

Singapore 200th Anniversary

By 2019, Singapore will be reaching its Bicentennial year – a commemorative 200th anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles’ landing in 1819, Mr Lee stated.

Raffles has been the one of the major reasons as to why Singapore became a modern city. "Had Raffles not landed, Singapore might not have become a unique spot in Southeast Asia, quite different from the islands in the archipelago around us, or the states in the Malayan Peninsula. But because of Raffles, Singapore became a British colony, a free port, and a modern city." He said.

Back in 1969, the country had its 150th anniversary. Just as that, Singapore should memorialize this bicentennial aptly.

“It is an important milestone for Singapore; an occasion for us to reflect on how our nation came into being, how we have come this far since, and how we can go forward together.” Mr. Lee added.

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