The California-based social media company recently announced their staggering and quite surprising quarter performance; the reports were chart-topping and the positivity continued to extend through the after-hours as their shares managed to climb to the extreme levels.

Snapachat managed to overtake most of the forecasts from different analysts; the company managed to buoy their revenue to tremendous levels despite all most all reports showing the absolute opposite. The company was sentenced to have lackluster performance and continue their sluggish trend; furthermore, the company’s redesign managed to help the surge.


Snap Performance

Going through the company’s quarter, these are the highlights; Snap managed to score a massive win on their revenue as they tally a whopping $285.7 million as opposed to most forecasts and expectations of about $252.9 million. This is a great indication that the company is looking to pull another run as they received massive criticism from their previous quarters due to lackluster performances.

Earnings were also briefly highlighted as the company tallied a total of 13 cents loss as opposed to the staggering 16 cents a share forecasts and expectations from a handful of analysts; but despite the great run, the company continues to remain not profitable despite having a massive 72% year-over-year performance with its revenue.

More Details

Snapchat’s massive dominance was also seen on its global Daily Active Users or DAUs; the company managed to tally a total of 187 million DAU from the quarter as opposed to the 184.2 million expectations and estimates. Furthermore, the company’s average revenue per user or the ARPU was on the $1.53, up from the $1.36 estimates.

On the other hand, the cash and marketable securities were tallied to be at a whopping $2.0 billion at December 31, 2017; while the cash management reduced Q4 2017 cash burn to $255 million, a whopping 49% decrease.


Company’s Note

Furthermore, the company noted that in regards to their DAU metrics and other data, “We define a Daily Active User, or DAU, as a registered Snapchat user who opens the Snapchat application at least once during a defined 24-hour period. We measure average Daily Active Users for a particular quarter by calculating the average Daily Active Users for that quarter. We also break out Daily Active Users by geography because certain markets have a greater revenue opportunity and lower bandwidth costs.”

They also added that “Some of our demographic data may be incomplete or inaccurate. For example, because users self-report their dates of birth, our age-demographic data may differ from our users’ actual ages. And because users who signed up for Snapchat before June 2013 were not asked to supply their date of birth, we exclude those users and estimate their ages based on a sample of the self-reported ages we do have.”

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