Snapchat has recently released a new in-app merchandise store which markets various Snap-themed products such as sweatshirts and plush dolls. This new feature can be accessed through the Discover section of the app, allowing users to browse and shop with the given selection.

The Snap Store release was originally planned back in October of last year but according to reports, it was delayed until last week’s announcement. The company adds that users can expect more items soon and these additions are estimated to arrive on February 8, at 10:00 A.M. (PT).

While such isn’t designed to add to the company’s revenue which had a disappointing result in its recent reports, the company told reports that this is something they did for the community. It is aimed to strengthen brand loyalty while earning free marketing as people engage with the advertised items.


Snap Inc. made its IPO debut on the New York Stock Exchange NYSE recently which made investors flock to the initial public offering which pushed valuation of nearly $24 billion.

However, if it is to find success as an e-commerce app, it will definitely help the company generate better revenues.

 Currently, the Snap Store offers the following items all up for sale.  However, as the feature only ships to US addresses, other countries may not be able to purchase the merchandises listed below at the time being.

  • Dancing Hot Dog Plush Doll: $19.99
  • Streak Hat: $29.99
  • Winkface Sweatshirt: $49.99
  • Dog Lens Tee: $29.99
  • Bring Back Best Friends Sweatshirt: $49.99

The company adds that these items may “disappear” as stocks of some are currently limited. Snap encourages users to act on them fast should they want to purchase the items listed above. “Items may disappear...so if you like what you see, swipe up to buy it,” the app states.

Trading Performance


The recent trades of Snap Inc. added a new bullish candle in its latest session. However, it is a -1.51% decline from the previous trades which lost 0.21 points as it closed at 13.71 with a high of 13.89 respectively.

The Coppock curve’s indication has not been cleared yet. Although there’s a slight uptrend, it still traded deeply low at the negative region. It is specifically at -7.51 at the time of writing.

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