Social media companies told a US House panel that they are not discriminating against content for political reasons.  Among the companies were Facebook Inc, Alphabet Inc, and Twitter Inc.

Conservative Republicans in Congress have scrutinized social media businesses for what they suspect are politically motivated practices of removing and/or filtering content.  The companies in question have denied and rejected such notions.

Bob Goodlatte, a Republican and the House Judiciary Committee chairman, stated that since the April hearing, Congress has “seen numerous efforts by these companies to improve transparency.”  However, he also pointed to anecdotes of some content that were allegedly removed.

Goodlatte inquired if these companies are “using their market power to push the envelope on filtering decisions to favor the content the companies prefer?”

Representative David Cicilline, who is a Democrat lambasted the hearing and came to the defense of Facebook, saying that the company for two years has “bent over backwards to placate and mollify conservatives.”  The representative also stressed Facebook’s failure to remove pages that promoted unverified and questionable conspiracy theories.