The sterling managed to start the month with great market performance as the Brexit news simmer down. The currency managed to hit incredible market performance after slumping in the previous month due to overwhelming transition problems.

The pound managed to gain some grounds as investors focus on the climbing crude inventories. Furthermore, the surprising announcement of unrequited interest rate hike in May has also pushed the currency forward.

The previous economic data were also helping the currency stand its ground. The local British manufacturing performance managed to keep the sterling firmer against its fierce competition, the dollar.


Sterling’s Performance against Major Currencies

After the long weekend, the pound tallied great results, especially against the dollar. The pound managed to pair against the dollar while beating the euro by 0.3% on the same session. The Brexit dilemma managed to die down in the market as interest rate talks immerge.

Furthermore, the dollar continues to sink into the market as China continues to retaliate against the new tariffs. The looming possibility of a trade war continues to weigh the greenback down against the majority of currencies in the market.

On the other hand, the pound’s historical success in April also pulls the prices higher. The month is stated as the strong period for the sterling as companies hand more dividend payment to their British shareholders.

The investors are looking to fend off the lurking dilemma as they await the British monetary changes in the following month. The monetary changes are expected to hit the market this May but the problematic inflation data may hinder the process.


British Sector Performance and Monetary Policy

According to analysts, the weak U.K. Construction Purchasing Managers’ Index from the previous month may apprehend the monetary policies next month. The local PMI index managed to dip to 47.0 from its previous 51.4 in the prior month.

The fall was the biggest the index experienced since the Brexit vote aroused last 2016. On the other hand, the fall was better than expected as several economists and polls point an abysmal dip from the PMI due to the horrific weather.

On the other hand, the up and coming service sector data announcement is looking to attract more investor. The services sector is considered as the British’s strongest sector. The data are expected to hit the market this Thursday.

The data from the sector can dictate the current volatile market movement in the country, and will also help reinforce the planned monetary policy next month.

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