Investors found themselves dangling back to the indices as the surging dollar from last week posted softer performance in the market. The massive volatile week from last week still pulls several investors down and apprehends further surge from the stocks; meanwhile, the dollar seemingly lost its magic from last week as lackluster data dominates the market.

Furthermore, the global equities were all up; European stocks were also up on the weaker dollar. The euro and the pound also enter the volatile market just before the previous weekend and now, they managed to hit the boards with positive results and overtaking the dollar once again.


Stocks Performance

The dollar enters the week with a rather unusual lackluster performance despite having stellar figures last week; the dollar index was also dipping in the market and investors looked for the indices as a viable replacement for the softer greenback.

Dublin’s Iseq was looking to have a stellar trading session as it recuperates a total of 100 points in the early market. Meanwhile, the Stocks Europe 600 Index managed to hit the positive grounds with the help of the massive gains from miners and chemical makers. The S&P 500 was also up after having one of the most volatile markets last week.

Other Asian equities are also pulling incredible figures today as a possible meeting between South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in was reportedly invited by North Korea’s Leader Kim Jon Un. Furthermore, the Japanese market is closed for the holiday.


Market Announcements

Traders and investors continue to swing from both sides as both the dollar and the stocks continue to enter extremely volatile markets. The next thing that the market is looking forward to is the US consumer-price data that are expected to be released this Wednesday and the announcement will surely cement some price changes for the future.

Dollar Performance

The dollar dips on today’s market despite the incredible week-ender they have, trampling most the major currencies; the dollar index was down a total of 0.3% on earlier trading today and it continues to slip more as the session proceeds.

Furthermore, the dollar is still expected to hit massive growth this week as the consumer-price data is expected to be reported this Wednesday and the global equities sell-off is still expected to continue this week, hence buoying the dollar prices up. Today, the euro and pound managed to outperform the greenback; both managed to increase by 0.3% respectively.

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