The tech stocks currently had a bullish run after their tremendous quarter performance; recently, the stocks managed to outperform the dotcom era this week with chart topping results that also buoyed major indices such as the S&P 500. At long last, the tech stock manages to recover after the massive bubble of the dotcom era.

It took a massive 17 years for the stocks to recover after the major bubble in 2000, it has been a long journey but analysts are saying that “Earnings are a lot steadier now” but several doubts are still eluded by money manager about the sector’s potential and future forecasts.


S&P 500

The massive benefactor of the humongous rally was the index S&P 500, its Information Technology index, which measures the largest and biggest companies in the industry, was bolstering on an all-time high of 992.3; this has evidently shattered the massive record that was tallied last March 2000 of 988.5. It took a good seventeen years before the major sector of the index recovered.

These giant tech companies are known as FANG or; Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google have massively gained a total of 1,200% on average during the eight-year run of the bearish market. Aviva Investor’s global equities fund manager Richard Saldanha, chip technology.” And “The potential opportunity for tech companies to repatriate overseas cash and use it for further capital deployment should also not be overlooked,” and “It is also worth noting that income investors have been gravitating over to the sector as companies are starting to use their healthy cash generation to pay attractive dividends.”

The bullish stock rally managed to extend its stream of increase to neighboring indices such as the Euro Stoxx technology index which manages to increase by a total of 0.2% by midday trading.


Microsoft Shines on Quarter Performance

Tech stocks are really doing a lot of work this year with great performances, and recently shocking the world on their recent run that shatters the 2000 dotcom era; this time, one of the biggest tech company, Microsoft, manages to stomp on personal hurdles as well.

Their collection of cloud apps manages to pull off new record highs; their Office 365 commercial revenue was up by a total of 43% according to Microsoft earnings report. According to the company’s chief financial officer Amy Hood, For the first time, Office 365 Commercial revenue surpassed revenue from our traditional licensing business," and ended saying “I feel very good”

Microsoft’s Office 365 was introduced 10 years ago, on to this day, the commercial cloud apps include the likes of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and OneDrive. Some new additions to the original bundle are; Exchange, SharePoint, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and a wider array of subscription based apps.

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