Tesla Inc. posted its second best day of the week on U.S. stocks market closed up 4.8 percent adding above $1.6 billion to its market capital, which already sits at $36.4 billion.

Tesla Inc. also marked their fifth best performance in 2019 on Thursday. When the stocks spiked above 8 percent rallying after weeks of agitation among investors who asked the Tesla’s financial health. Tesla’s stock is also on stride for its best week since October 2018.

Tesla officials told sales and managers in North America that the firm has now delivered 33,000 cars in the region this quarter. That’s above half the number of deliveries the company made in the first quarter of 2019, when it delivered 63,000 cars, falling short of analysts’ consensus estimates of 76,000.

Many more deliveries are scheduled because of sales numbers being at the highest they have ever been. Tesla has some 10,000 more deliveries scheduled. More than 6,000 orders have been matched to vehicle identification numbers (VINs) but don’t yet have delivery schedules.


Tesla’s managers have gotten ambitious and are already telling their people they want them to deliver 33,000 Electric vehicles in June. That’s a pretty tall order given Tesla’s financial straits, however Tesla’s managers believe it can be done by greasing the process with a bunch of incentives.

According to a news agency, Tesla executives want to match their number in only June and Tesla will provide bonuses to sales and delivery employees if it’s met. Sales employee will receive $1,200 bonus and delivery employee will receive $550 if Tesla reaches its goals. If Tesla achieve those figures it could be doubled a further 3,000 deliveries in the month.

With its cash flow declining, CEO of Tesla Inc. Elon Musk said the firm needs undertake in spite of rising $2 billion in new funds. Musk, however, said this new funding would only get the Tesla through 10 months at its recent made burn rate.  

Tesla’s stock has seen a turnaround as it seems to be approaching its goals for delivery and production. Musk previously indicated in an email to employees late last month that Tesla was on pace to reach its production goals for the quarter.

However, Tesla still has outside pressures, like the possibility effect of tariffs in China. A month ago, Loup Ventures co-founder Gene Munster expected China deliveries would drop from 70,000 to 40,000 cars as some Chinese clients are likely to evade the brand.

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