The shares of the massive automobile and Tech Company recently surged on the massive Pepsi Co. announcement regarding their whopping order for the company’s newly introduced Electric Semi Truck.; reports revealed that a total of 100 vehicles were ordered by Pepsi.

This has been the largest order that Tesla received ever since they announced their semi-truck, the included emission free feature coupled with their famous electric charging capabilities will surely revolutionize the future of these delivery trucks. This is also a massive boost of help as reports revealed that Tesla is under immense financial pressure.

Recent news has prompted that Tesla has been a financial debacle as it continues to whip massive numbers of new designs and automobiles. They also recently unveiled a whole new vehicle which will be a roadster and pre-orders are already launched to support the production.


Tesla’s Shares Upbeat

The company’s shares were immensely upbeat after Pepsi’s announcement; on that exact day, the company’s hares managed to jump by 2.28% to $336.93. All-in-all, the company’s stocks were relatively high last week, recuperating some major losses from previous months.


Semi-Truck Pre-Orders

The current number of pre-orders that Tesla has now is on a whopping 267 units according to a recent report; each pre-orders were estimated to have a $20,000 deposit. Furthermore, a whopping 100 units, almost the half of all pre-orders, were ordered by Pepsi. According to the beverage company, the semi-truck will be joining their existing fleet of 10,000 big rigs.

Pepsi is looking to utilize their all-new pre-ordered semi-trucks as a means to transport their food and beverage shipments which are going to be closely tied to the manufacturing and distribution storages. The brand is most famous for their beverages which include the Mountain Dew line and its staggering chip line of Doritos.


More Pre-Orders

Pepsi has been the top company to have ordered a massive order portfolio for the up and coming Electric Semi Trucks from Tesla; some more brands and companies that have pre-ordered are, Wal-Mart, fleet operating company J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc., and one of the biggest and popular food services distributor Sysco Corp.

According to a previous statistic, there are a total of 260,000 Class-8 trucks that are being produced and manufactured in North America. This is a great market that Tesla managed to enter despite a massive hate coming from the trucking community in regards to their semi-truck.

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