A blacklisted scam, Tesler App has been heavily reviewed by sources to result a decision to let it fall in the black listed softwares. Ran by a man named Steve Abrahams; the software is similar to the previously reported wares that are designed to simply steal money.

Victims reported that the software baits clients and gives them the hype to engage with the trading software. Once engaged, spam emails will be flooded to the victim’s client. Baits that are presented are fake bank accounts which they claim to have lots of money, fake testimonials and as mentioned above- hypes that are unrealistic and just used to snatch the attention of any potential clients.

To add to that, the software would ask to fund a new trading account for them to start trading. Once done, the software would be required to be downloaded and transactions would be done there. If successful, the software will steal the money and the proceeds will be sent to the brokers and the people behind the scam, leaving the victim with an empty balance.

Stephen Abrahams just like the other softwares, claims that he is a legit CEO where in reality is just an actor. It is still under investigation as to whom the real person behind him is but it is sure that he is not what he claims that he is to be.

To summarize their scheme, Tesler App will make you invest on a trading account and how can they convince you is through various baits that sure to hype you with fake claims such as bank accounts and testimonials. What can happen to your money is the company will and surely will split your money zero just to given to the affiliates.

Bot scams are a common widespread nowadays. Just this year, reports have already blacklisted a lot of fake firms whose main goal is just to scam people. Most of these are trading scams or binary options scams that provide softwares that are again designed to steal money, not make money. Consider visiting sites that warns and regulates bots for warnings and more alerts.

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