The Turkish Lira indicated weaknesses again as the verbal intervention from the central bank fades away. The currency may face further declines and might hit record lows with such.

Earlier this week, the currency improved after the announcement of the monetary authority taking actions to carefully mitigate “unhealthy price formations in the markets,” The authority added that they will take actions to counter these which jut increased the conjecture of the bank taking steps to further do so.

Recently, the currency faced declines already as it suffered 1.1 percent downtrend during the early trades of today.

In further details, the Turkish lira declined by 0.8% during the trading session. This was a 4.4518 per decline against the dollar which just lead the drops within the interim. More so, the bonds of the currency also suffered losses as well. However, the bond yields of Turkish lira increased by 27 points which was a 14.90 surge – a considerable high.

 “The market needs a trigger to reverse course, and that may not come until the regular monetary policy committee meeting,” Strategist Erkin Isik, told reports.


The Turkish lira is the currency of Turkey and the self-declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. 

According to Isik, the central bank also announced a similar statement back in January last year which was just 14 days before the regular policy meeting. As a result, the bank just raised the funding cost by at least 150 basis points. This was done by obliging financiers to borrow from its late-liquidity frame. Also, the rates also hiked during the said meeting.

The currency has debilitated beyond 14 percent alongside the dollar this year. It is also estimated that more devaluation would cause a more volatile inflation viewpoint at risk once so.

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