One of the biggest social media platforms in the world is looking to crown their new Chief Technology Officer. Twitter is looking to appoint Parag Agrawal, and the announcement came just before the weekend on their social media website.

Aragwal is looking to take the position of Adam Messinger who have been reportedly left the company last 2016. Messinger is the last person to occupy the job and Aragwal is looking to fill in the gap after almost 2 years of being vacated.


Twitter’s CTOs

 A brief history of the company’s previous CTO; the first one to occupy the job was Greg Pass last 2008 as the company acquired Summize. Pass left in May of 2011 and was then replaced by Messinger somewhere around 2013.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the social media giant has already made the arrangements internally last October. This was also the same quarter where the company managed to produce their net profit for the very first time.

Aragwal’s Background

On the other hand, Parag Aragwal saw its first job in the social media platform as an Ads Engineer way back in 2011. Aragwal joined the company at the same time that co-founder and current CEO Jack Dorsey returned to the company.

Aragwal’s previous jobs prior to twitter includes’ research internship at AT&T, Microsoft, and even Yahoo. Heis main job in Twitter was to continue to increase the tweets’ relevance with the aid of an artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, several companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Google have also been utilizing the use of Artificial Intelligence to build and enhance their consumer service. Companies also utilize the AI system for improving their internal tools.

Moreover, Agrawal has been very hands-on, on doing other things in the background like preventing some abuse on the social network.

A spokesman from Twitter said in an interview that, "In his capacity as CTO, he's focused on scaling a cohesive machine learning and AI approach across our consumer and revenue product and infrastructure teams,"


More Executives Vacate

On the other hand, several more executives have been leaving Twitter in the past months. The company’s Chief Operating Officer Anthony Nato was the latest one to leave as he looks to create a new start on an online lending company, Social Finance, as their new CEO.

Twitter’s Market Performance

Looking at Twitter’s current market performance, the social media platform giant managed to score a whopping 45% increase since 2018 started. The social media continues to remain competitive in the market despite the stiffening competition.

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