Twitter is reportedly in talks with the U.S PGA Championship in potential streaming opportunities. PGA Championship is currently one of the four major championships in the sports of golf for 2017.

The social media giant has seemingly gone through agreements already with the Professional Golf Association in the past in which had successfully streamed 31 games in Twitter. But, the social media has not been able to stream any of the major championships lately.

These major championship leagues used to be exclusive under Sky but the network had its exclusivity contract expired. This has opened doors for various streaming company in which can potentially stream the big championships. To add, Twitter has streamed a lot of sports games already and if Twitter does acquire the major league, it will be a profitable acquisition for the company.

The exclusivity with Sky lasted for at least a decade long. With the contract ending, Twitter can really expand its diversity and as mentioned above, acquiring PGA will not only push twitter to an extensive realm of digital media, but also can boost its profits if done so.

Chief commercial officer of PGA of America, Jeff Price, told reports that the association had a healthy partnership with Sky but again, the said channel will no longer show the sports event exclusively.

“It was a multiyear deal that was up,” Price explained further. “Ultimately one of the key things for us is scale of distribution and obviously with all the new platforms that consumers are engaging with, we want to make sure we reach all of them.”

Trading Performance


Twitter right now is currently on a bullish trend and it seems like it may continue having this kind of performance throughout its forthcoming sessions. The last candle added 0.30 to 1.53% generally as it traded to its close of 19.94, adding another bullish candle to the trend that it’s currently having.

As for its indicator, the RSI Level of the social media giant has surpassed the 70s region and it seems like it will mirror the same performance that it had since Late April. The upsurge can be heavily supported by the Coppock curve which is currently inclining upwards in its recent indications.  Again, the RSI Level was last found at 69.00 flat before jumping towards the exact level of 74.14.

More so, its Coppock curve is performing high up and is actually very far from the negative region. It last traded in the negative region throughout June and has successfully rebounded in July. As for the current indication, it is at 13.81 which would strengthen a strong sell for the social media giant of Twitter.

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