U.K. 10-year bond yields has seen significant all-time low decline amid Monday’s session, led by investors’ heightened anxiety over a potential exiting of U.K. from the European Union.

Meanwhile, the U.K. 10-year bond yields dipped by about 2.6 basic points, or 2.11%, to changed hands at 1.209%, after posting a session low of 1.206%, marking its lowest level on record.

There was a heightened anxiety over Britain’s June 23 referendum on European Union membership after U.K. polls last week, in which the expected momentum for the campaign, leaving the coalition has seen improved momentum.

German 10-year bonds remained steady at 0.018%, which dipped 0.4 basis points, or 14.29%, slightly away from earlier record low of 0.009%.

Furthermore, 10-year treasury yield dipped by about 1.8 basis points, or 1.07%, to settle at 1.621%, marking its lowest level on record.

Elsewhere in the currency market, the pound and the euro have seen declines, which marked as their lowest level since 2013 against Japan’s currency, fueled by anxieties over a U.K. referendum on European Union membership for the following week to remain on hold.

European stock markets have witnessed a significant decline amid trading session, citing its lowest level in three weeks. Moreover, the U.S. stock futures across the Atlantic settled to a dipped open ahead of the Fed’s policy meeting this week as well as the weakening Brexit vote is eyed.  

Southern Europe’s Bond Battered

Bond yields in the southern peripheral countries of Europe posted higher on Monday after a data has shown a 10-point lead for Braitain’s campaign, which is regarded as the world’s fifth largest economy, out of the European Union.

The referendum vote that is due in 10 days time is anticipated to involve a far-reaching consequences among the continent where the economic and political union finds support in a declining growth, including a heightened unemployment.

According to most of the polls, the Britons remained closely divided over the June 23 referendum, marking the largest lead for the leave camp since the series begun last year.  

A British bookmaker William Hill mentioned that it offers its shortest ever odds on the possible Brexit.

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