The Consumer Confidence of the UK Economy has seen a slight uptrend in its August Data, according to sources. The data improved despite of the expectations of weak economic outlook for the said nation as the Brexit discussions temporizes further.

GfK’s consumer confidence index improved from the period of July to August. The general index considers the following factors into account when getting the overall data: publics’ interpretation of their private financial condition, big-ticket spending and the economy overall. All said sectors managed to improve in the said period.

"We're seeing an uptick in August among consumers when reviewing their personal financial situation for both the past and next 12 months, as well as a slight improvement in views about the general economic situation of the country as a whole.

"These figures must be seen against the backdrop of better news on inflation, public finances, jobs and growth prospects as the UK economy displays some signs of stability after a volatile start to the year.

"However, the index has a lot of ground to regain to get back to black. So is this month's rise significant? Or could we simply be witnessing a dead-cat-bounce over the dog-days of summer?" Head Of The Market Dynamics, Joe Staton told reports.

The measure of improvements in the Personal Finance sector for the previous 12 months has indicated the most noteworthy upsurge in the index. It has added four points in which has lifted it up to the positive two region – a two point difference from the data of last year if to compare in a year over year basis.

The estimated data for personal finances for the 12 coming months also saw an increase by three points in the current month. This has brought the indication to the positive five extents which is a point higher if to compare in a year over year basis as well.

As for the overall economic situation of the British nation, the sector saw an increase of just one point for the previous 12 months to minus 30, which is quite lower from last year’s data - seven points lower to be exact.

Despite the low indication, the general economic outlook for the coming 12months increased by a point to minus 27, which is lower by 5 months if to compare to last year’s data.

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