The trade wars discussion looks to hit the market today as both countries release their own blows last Tuesday. China noted that they are going to stand their ground as the United States continues to pressure the country with new tariffs.

The trade wars speculations managed to die down on the previous days due to the growing geopolitical tensions. The previous airstrikes in Syria managed to drown the trade wars as investors focused on their safe havens as dollar’s dips.

Furthermore, the growing prices for commodities managed to claim the spotlight in the previous market trading. The bullish oil prices and booming gold prices continue to attract a significant number of investors as looming uncertainties continues to shroud the market.

According to economists, the “trade wars” is still a looming threat for both of the countries. They also mentioned that a massive number of negotiations are needed to completely flatten out this potential trade crisis.

On the other hand, JP Morgan recently noted that China won’t be missing a lot if the “trade wars” proceed. They noted that there will be no instantaneous effect for China’s economy, although wars’ effect will surely be felt just before the year ends.

The analysts also noted that the long negotiations will drag the “trade war” longer. Furthermore, negotiations around non-tariff agenda such as intellectual property protection and even the technology transfer will surely affect the time frame.

These negotiations are looking to give the trade war a jagged path. The numerous discussion and agreement are also certainly put a partial trade war on the boards.

On the brighter side, economists and analysts are also noting that both countries can still see a lighter ending on this trivial debacle; but they are looking to put in a hefty amount of time to iron out all negotiations and dispute.


China’s Economic Data

Meanwhile, despite the rustles of the market, China managed to report a stellar first quarter performance. The country managed to stay ahead of forecasts and expectations as they stride through the first quarter with ease.

China manages to tally a whopping 6.8% increase from their previous first quarter reports; slightly ahead of what most expectations and forecasts which was at 6.7%.

Meanwhile, the latest figures last month showed that the country is looking to slow down their environmental problems. The report revealed that China is cutting their real estate investment, or rather, moderating it for the imprudent expectations that are flooding the sector.

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