The United States durable good managed to soar to tremendous levels last December. According to the Commerce Department, last month order managed to surge by a massive 2.9% as opposed to most forecasts and expectations from analysts of 0.8%.

According to reports, some of the massive increase was from the massive and increasing demand for aircraft and aviation parts. Furthermore, the great auto deliveries and performance in the global market also gave the durable good deliveries a massive boost. The only caveat from December is the receding business investment.


Airplanes, Autos Figures

Two of the biggest component that manages to propel the durable goods deliveries to incredible heights; reports revealed that the massive demand for civilian aircraft and aviation managed to hit a total of 15.9% increase in the previous month. The overall figures were still excluding the highly volatile transportation sector who managed to come up with a decent 0.6% last December.

Furthermore, the orders and deliveries for motor vehicles and vehicle parts managed to escalate to an astonishing 0.4%. Adding more grit from last month’s fantastic data is the increasing orders and deliveries of machinery, metals, and even military aircraft. 

More Upbeat Delivery

To add, the durable goods inventories also managed to inflate by a total of 0.3%, while the defense capital goods orders are also seeing a massive increase of 19.5%. Going back to the aviation market, the booking for commercial aircraft also managed to bolster by a whopping 15.9% on the previous month and is greatly propelled by the great holiday season.

On the other hand, the non-military capital goods were seen trailing behind despite having a market-wide increase from the previous month; it managed to unexpectedly drop by significant figures of around 0.2%.


Further Figures Explanation

The deliveries from December managed to keep the economy of the U.S. on a competitive edge, but what exactly happened? The massive upbeat figures were mainly buoyed by the strong orders for large commercial planes just before the year ends.

Stocks’ Reaction

Looking at the great figures, most of the local U.S. indices were upbeat on the tremendous economic data; the Dow Jones Industrial Average managed to increase by a total of 0.85%, while the S&P 500 managed to shoot up by a total of 1.18%.

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