The United States’ latest economic report showed lackluster order figures from its durable goods. The data from the previous month were heavily pressured by the plunging and declining transportation equipment demand in the same month.

The durable goods’ delivery report was tallied to be at 1.7% drop on the latter month. The figures were increasingly worrisome as most forecasts and expectations expected a 1.4% drop on the month.

On the other hand, the new order for the key U.S. made capital goods managed to surge pas most forecasts and expectations for the month of April. The shipments from the same period also managed to catch a massive rebound after depleting figures last March.

According to analysts, the better-than-expected shipment performance suggests a booming business spending on equipment. The figures seem to push great performance after having major and minor road blocks along the end of the first quarter.


April’s Economic Performance and Data

Furthermore, the Commerce Department also published a note on the surging performance for the orders for non-defense capital goods. The figures exclude the aircraft shipment. The orders managed to hit a flat 1.0% increase on the previous month. It managed to pick up some pace after dipping last March by a total of 0.9%.

The positive business spending continues bullish run after having a favorable boost from the current administration last January. President Trump’s massive $1.5 trillion income tax cut package gave the local business spending a huge boost. Furthermore, the government also cuts the corporate tax from 35% to a respectable 21%.

The strong economy is also enticing a lot of new opportunities, increasing the investments locally and the equipment spending figures. The strong oil prices also continue to push a massive positivity on the local economy.

Electrical equipment, appliances, and components orders managed to extend great performance from the latter month, increasing by a total of 2.6%. The orders managed to ride from their previous increase last March which was at 2.4%.

Orders from computers and electronics products also gained an ample popularity over the previous month, gaining a total of 1.1%. The fabricated metals orders were also bullish, surging by a flat 2.0% increase.

On the other hand, the orders for the machinery were lackluster on the previous quarter. The orders drop by a whopping 0.8%, another pile that would add up to March’s previous performance which was a massive 3.2% decline.

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