The futures of U.S. stocks were down as the ongoing geopolitical turmoil against the North Korea extends up to this week. Analysts look for the nuclear bomb tests as the main culprit on why fear continues to instill inside investors, dragging most U.S. stocks, even the dollar, down even after closing at lower figures last week.

 Major indices such as S%P 500, Dow Jones Industrial, and even the Nasdaq were all dragged down by the ongoing North Korea debacle. This has been the sixth nuclear exercise that the country has made and it was tallied to be the most powerful one; this brought a new rise in fear and tension on the possible outcomes of succeeding activities can lead to.


Stocks’ on Breakdown

As mentioned, major indices were down today after lingering fear on geopolitical crisis; Dow Jones Industrial is one of the first to slump on the market losing massive 60 points on the market or a total of 0.3% to 21,925.00, the index actually manage to deep at terrifying levels as well last Monday by 103 points according to FactSet data.

Some more stocks like the S&P 500’s futures were also down after the massive turmoil, the index lost as much as 6.45 points or a total of 0.3% to 2,467.75; on the other hand, the Nasdaq 100 futures were also down by a whopping 13.25 points or 0.2% to 5,975.00. These are troublesome figures after great Friday and even weekly performance last week; it just proves that investors are growing wary of the ongoing turmoil from both countries.

Stoxx 600 index, which tracks the most of the European equities, was tallying bunch of losses from the turmoil as well; it fell by 0.52% on Monday while Asian stocks like the Japanese Nikkie 225 which was also slumping by 0.9%. 


North Korea’s Nuclear Activity

The sixth nuclear activity from North Korea rattles stock prices, and even currencies; the nuclear test was hurriedly followed by condemnation from countries across the globe, most pressingly by G-7 who then later released a note saying "in the strongest possible terms", adding "consequences of Pyongyang's irresponsible behavior".

The dollar was also affected by the nuclear exercise, but one more major thing that is holding down the currency is the promised of another increase on the rates before the year ends according to the Federal Reserve. Although the majority of investors and analysts do not believe that the interest hike will come through this year.

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