US Stocks inched higher on during early Tuesday morning after the financial and health care sector rallied recording the market’s fourth day of rally in a row and recovering from the market’s huge losses during the previous week.

As most huge financial stocks rallied, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied 0.2% before settling at 20,937.91.

The S&P 500 index, on the other hand, hit the 2,400 mark for the first time in the past week after inching 0.2% higher and ending at 2,398.42. The index has now recovered from the losses it suffered for the past year and is expected to go steadily higher int he coming weeks.

Meanwhile, the Nasdaq Composite Index lost around 0.1% at 6,138.71. The Nasdaq suffered one of its biggest lost last Wednesday after the market’s continued to doubt Trump on his plans to support businesses through new tax policies and pro-business laws.

Most of the stocks have now returned to their normal levels prior to the recent slump last week.


Banking Shares

Huge American financial firms such as Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and JPMorgan Chase rallied by more than 1% on Tuesday despite market concerns over US President Donald Trump’s recent issues as most bond yields jumped as this will make banks charge higher loan interest rates.

Ten year treasury notes rallied 2.28% from 2.25%

The slight recovery was attributed by other analysts to Trump’s absence from the country due to outside affairs. The sector is posted to inched higher and recover from the decline it suffered last week.

Other Stocks

Nokia shares rallied by 5.3% after it settled a long-running patent dispute with Apple which included the company receiving an unspecified amount of money from the iPhone maker.

Among the biggest losers included Alexion Pharmaceuticals who lost 9.3% on the company’s announcement that its chief financial officer David Anderson among other executives will be leaving the company.

AutoZone also slumped more than 11% after a disappointing earnings report that showed a decline of 0.8% in the company's third quarter same store sales.

Agilent Technologies, on the other hand, traded 4.6% higher on the company’s upbeat earnings and revenue guidance for the whole year.

Coca-cola shares also gained 2.5% to $44.59 along with beverage and household company shares recovered.

Although Trump's absence from the country has made room for the markets to recover, the US president is still surrounded with a number of issues and most recently, scams regarding his Budget 2018 tax reform is putting the stocks in the country on unsteady grounds. The markets are also losing confidence that the president will be able to implement some of his pro-business agendas that he promised anytime sooner.

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