The Trump administration has been fending off a lot of investors after economic growth remained stagnant and lackluster; while simultaneously hitting its lowest level since January. The currency is hitting the half mark of the year with astonishing lows as opposed to its early year performance which peaked on positive assumptions on the Trump Administration.

On the other side of the globe, the euro also dipped yesterday after the European Central Bank reported that it is planning on cutting its inflation forecast through 2019.  It has been a rough June for the currency as numerous terrorist attacks were cited in France, Belgium, and Germany; this in return have stemmed on fanning the flames of immigration and economic policies.


USD’s Plunging Story

The Treasury yield that is tallied to be 10-year old had sheds by 2.13% last Tuesday, hitting its lowest since the tragic days of the post-election surge in November.  The only silver lining both investors and the currency can lean on is the Federal Reserve’s announcement of another interest rate hike somewhere around this week.

According to a former chief of staff to former President George W. Bush, Mr. Josh Bolten “Policymakers should take away that big US businesses remain optimistic, that there’s a great deal of upside, but there’s substantial potential downside from failure, which should add to the urgency with which they should pursue the reform,”

As of late, the administration has billed this week as “infrastructure week” will mostly be overshadowed by James Comey’s Senate intelligence committee testimony. The former FBI director will be looking to publicize the conversation he had with President Trump before getting fired last May. National Alliance’s Andre Brenner said that “The markets remain concerned about the potential landmines in James Comey’s testimony,” and “Every day the odds for legislation decrease.”


Gold’s Rally

Just last Wednesday, gold’s stellar performance have led the commodity to a 10.5% all-in-all increase this year. It is normal that investors are buying gold due to the rising inflation, this provides a sizable return before the Fed hikes the interest rates. Gold manages to ease some losses from yesterday from ECB’s announcement

Euro Slumps

The EUR/USD was trading at a $1.1205 low after the news about ECB broke out; it manages to claw some of the losses back at $1.1258 losing 0.2%. According to the chief market analyst at Think Market UK Ltd., “Investors are clearly expecting a dovish statement after this news report, as the euro selloff suggests. However, the market is not pricing in a statement that can still indicate tapering simultaneously downgrading inflation outlook,” 

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