The U.S. dollar slumps to two-week lows contrary to its Canadian matching part on Wednesday, after the Bank of Canada maintained interest rates unmoved and as oil prices developed demand for the commodity-correlated Canadian exchange.

USD/CAD plunged down to 1.3274 throughout U.S. daybreak trade, the pair’s bottommost since March 31; the pair consequently amalgamated at 1.3295 coming off.

The duo was apparent to recognize support line at 1.3275, the short of March 30 and resistance at 1.3359, Tuesday's high.

In a extensively projected interchange, the BoC left the benchmark interest rate unaffected at 0.5%.

The Canadian dollar was maintained by greater oil prices on Wednesday in the midst of reports of a latent postponement to the OPEC stock cuts.


In the intervening time, markets were still frazzled a U.S. Navy assault assemblage was earlier deployed in the week en route for the western Pacific - a force U.S. President Donald Trump labeled as an "armada".

North Korean government media cautioned on Tuesday of a nuclear outbreak on the U.S. at any indication of American violence.

For the time being, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was anticipated in Moscow on Wednesday where he was fixed to meet with his Russian equivalent Sergey Lavrov to deliberate Ukraine, counterterrorism, consensual associations and other matters, counting the Korean Peninsula and Syria.

Distinctly, the United Nations Security Council get started to host a conference on the subject of the fragmentary Syrian engagement.

The loonies were seen advanced alongside the euro, with EUR/CAD deteriorating 0.43% to 1.407.

Technical Analysis


As mentioned above, USD/CAD had a rough time trading in the past session. On its latest performance, the pair was last seen below 1.335. The candle opened at 1.324 and closed at 1.332, having the high of 1.333 and a low of 1.323. RSI Level is at 39.32 while Coppock Curve was at -0.15 - a negative sign which would mean a sell for the pair.

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