Technical Analysis

The US Dollar alongside the Canadian Dollar displayed warnings of a potential abatement with a static upkeep area at 1.2998 in yesterday’s technical standing. It is expected that in the next session, the pair may project a new bearish signal at 1.2952. However, on Wednesday, records show that the greenback has recuperated on the present session, currently stimulating USD/CAD to the range of regular highs around 1.3080.

The pair has succeeded to deteriorate the latest bearish annotation and currently testing the 1.3100 leverage supported by an unrelenting proposition surrounding currency after declining in fresh 3-month lows near the inner sustenance at 1.3000 on Tuesday.




Economic Viewpoints

The Bank of Canada is scheduled to release its interest rate announcement along with its economic forecast later this week, even in the midst of the prevailing abstruseness as Donald Trump gets ready for his U.S Presidency oath taking. However, there are possibilities that the bank may hold the reports that can result with unchanged policies regarding the Canadian Dollar.

If the possibilities emerge, Canada Governor Stephen Poloz might incarcerate the benchmark level at 0.5%.  Policy divergence between the BoC and the Federal Reserve to drive USDCAD up is still expected, even if the interest rate announcement will be delayed.

Also, the Bank of Canada will issue its updated economic forecasts, but the prognostications are improbable to influence in several impending upshots for Canada’s tax system, tariffs and trade as promised by Trump.


Poloz has refused to overtly deliberate how planned U.S. policy vicissitudes may perhaps impact Canada as it will be presented under Trump’s administration.

Despite the promises of the US President, professionals in the economic field voiced their concerns that Trump's plans might ensure a substantial economic significance for Canada.

Current reports, as well as the updated statistics for retail trade, have displayed promising indications in certain extents of the economy of the country.

It is anticipated that the pair will keep a further raise even after the announcement of the fiscal policies of the Bank of Canada. As of the moment, the price of the currency pair is at 1.3070 while the ideal range of entrance of the sales extends between 1.3120 and 1.3150.

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