Uber recently announced their new U.K. regional general manager for Northern and Eastern Europe. The decision comes after the cab-hailing company faces tremendous pressure against their ongoing licensing problems in London.

The tech-auto company has been having the hardest time in the country as they continue to wrestle with local London transport regulators. Now, Uber is looking to make a huge change as they approach the second half of the year.

According to the company, Jamie Heywood will take the regional general manager position for Northern and Eastern Europe. The implementation is reported to be implemented next month, and the market can expect Heywood to take the position at the same time.

Heywood has been wildly popular as the U.K. director of electronics at Amazon. Uber’s vice president and regional general manager in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, also noted that "Jamie's leadership will also be crucial as we implement major changes across Europe including more safety features, improvements for drivers and a new approach to partnering with cities."

The new general manager will seek to court the London transport authority, Transport for London or most wildly known as the TfL. The regulators stripped Uber’s operating license late last year and Heywood’s main task is to woe them with their appeals.

According to the TfL, the company failed to meet the designated regulatory requirements. The demands were made after a handful of serious criminal reports and offenses which involved the company’s driver flooded the city.


Uber Regulations and Ruling

As an appeal, the company announced several safety measures in the United Kingdom earlier this year. Last year, an appeal by the company including the classification of their drivers was trashed. According to the regulators, the drivers should be treated as formal workers of the company.

The ruling comes across the eruption of self-employment and freelancing work in the country. The digital age managed to open up a huge amount of chances and opportunity for these kinds of blossoming careers.

Furthermore, the company is also set to give an appeal to the European Court of Justice ruling. The ECJ ruled last year that the company is classified as a transportation firm as opposed to its listed digital company classification.

The European Court of Justice also mentioned that Uber needs to change their classification to such and be regulated as a transportation company that they are.

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